Our students are competitive, easily adapt to the "western" academic environment, and have the skills to become a part of the campus community.

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GAC-ACT Center

Chinese students face many challenges:


  1. Increasing competition from other Chinese students
  2. Adapting to western academic standards
  3. Cultural isolation


The QD GAC University Prep Center offers a complete program for students to prepare for success by creating a positive academic English environment for students to learn and practice the skills for university.  Learn More


With this preparation, our students will feel comfortable walking into any first year university course, participating in discussion, making international friends, and working with their professor. While other students struggle with learning the format for academic work abroad, ours will be making connections and exploring internship and research opportunities that will later propel them into graduate studies or their career of choice.


Agents and other training centers help students achieve acceptable entrance exam scores or faked application material, but no preparation for how to succeed at the university level. This leaves students unable to write formal academic thesis papers, science research papers, or business reports.  And further, training center and agent education leaves students ignorant of "western" university academic standards, formats, and policies, leaving their students vulnerable to failing or being expelled due to academic issues like plagiarism. Learn more


All of this being said, success still comes down to the student’s efforts. Students who come to our center, work hard, prepare for each class, and meet with instructors have done well at western universities--even seen their GPAs increase. However, students who just attend classes will only learn a little and will face the same challenges completely unprepared Chinese students encounter. Learn about where our successful students apply for university admissions.