The Center

The Qingdao GAC-ACT center opened in 2007 at Qingdao University. The founding directors Mona Zhang (Director), Wang Lei (Marketing Director), and Mary Mu (Academic Director) sought to implement the GAC curriculum as a one-year English immersion university preparation program for Chinese high school students intending on studying at "Western" Universities.

Directors Wang Lei, Mona Zhang, and DoS Huston Botinsky (2009).


GAC-ACT Center

From 2008 to 2011 enrollment grew from one class to four and five classes. Greater enrollment allowed the center to expand university counseling and the number of instructors. In 2010, the center was awarded the first GAC Center of Excellence Award for the combination of academic quality and enrollment.

In 2011 the center moved from Qingdao University to Ocean University (Fushan Campus). During the next three years the center emphasized building upon the GAC curriculum to provide a stronger educational experience. As a result, students began conducting original research of the human impact on the Qingdao rocky shore, exchanging language and culture with GAC students in Mexico and high school students in the United States. Further, a fourth level of courses was created in order to offer students greater experience with Western literature, social science, critical thinking, and advanced Math topics.

At the beginning of 2015, the Qingdao GAC-ACT center is moving back to a location at Qingdao university so all the offices can be situated next to each other. Our plan is to continue to build strong academic experiences that compliment the GAC program and prepare students for university abroad.



 Science class during our first year.

  Online activity with students from a GAC

  center in Mexico (2012).