News reports and word of mouth are not mistaken. It is difficult to find reliable information about a student's actual academic potential. High schools purposely inflate the GPAs of students studying abroad, Agents fabricate documentation, and test administrators pre-release standardized testing from TOEFL to A-level tests We provide reliable evaluations of students for university and college admissions to consider.   If students are found to have plagiarized work or otherwise acted in an academically dishonest manner, they fail their assessments.


We grade students' using rubrics with a five or ten-point scale that represent both achievement of assessment criteria and English fluency.  Adequate grades are scored sixty-percent, very good grades are scored eighty-percent, and scores in the ninety-percent represent nearly perfect achievement of the assessment.  These grades are then reported using the GPA scale.  .


To ensure reliability of grades, they are first reviewed by the center Director of Studies, then audited by the GAC Regional Academic Director in Shanghai.


We would be more than happy to host admissions representatives or selected alumni to see our center, students, their work, and our evaluation procedures.



Reliable Results


GAC-ACT Center