Academic Staff


The Academic Staff is made up of Banzhuren (class managers), GAC instructors, test-prep instructors, and the coordinators.  They are responsible for delivering the GAC curriculum, preparing students for the ACT test, and helping students adjust to a western academic environment.


Class managers (banzhuren) are bilingual Chinese instructors who coordinate the entire academic team. They work with students during independent study, keep parents involved in the education process, and help course instructors adapt lessons and teaching techniques for high school Chinese students.  And if that's not enough, they also assist students in organizing extra-curricular activities.


Course instructors are native English speaking educators who teach subject courses. Our instructors are hired to teach 15-18 hours per week, hold weekly office hours, maintain our online Moodle System, and are often involved in student extra-curricular activities. Our instructors generally have advanced degrees in their subject area, and all had a minimum of two years teaching experience before joining us.


Finally, the Academic Support Staff includes our center coordinators. Working with class managers, course instructors, and students, they handle scheduling, archiving assessments, manage the center library, and coordinating the Academic team's activities with the rest of the center.



Academic Counseling Staff


Students and parents enroll with limited knowledge about "western" universities. The Academic Counseling staff works with both to recommend universities that match a family's preference and the student's strength of application. Consequently, more than ever our students are looking past general university rankings and enrolling at institutions that meet their specific needs preferences.


Marketing Staff


Family's first contact with our center is often through our marketing department. In a sense, they are as vital to our center as the Academic Counseling Staff. They help educate family's on the risks of hiring application agents or simply enrolling in test-prep centers.


Accounting Staff


We also maintain a streamlined accounting staff that coordinates record keeping for all the staffs, so we can afford the necessary facilities and equipment for center operations.






Our staff is made up of the Academic Team, Academic Counselors, Marketing, and Accounting. Each play a vital role in delivering our curriculum

Our Staff


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