Students meeting with representatives from the Georgia University System during the 2014 Georgia Education tour of Qingdao.

GAC alumni from the class of 2009 speaking to graduating students about the challenges ahead.

In 2010 GAC awarded the Qingdao GAC Center the first ever Center of Excellence Award for high academic quality and achievement.




Our greatest successes are those of the people who learn and work at the center.


100% Success Enrollment


All of our students who have successfully graduated with a GAC Certificate have received admissions offers from universities in the United States, Canada, or Australia. We have students who’ve achieved their goals of enrolling in top 50 ranked schools, private schools, and those who’ve focused on liberal arts schools. And now, with our first classes graduating we’re seeing many excellent students successfully applying for graduate school.

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Student Achievements


Sometimes known as “achievement learners”, our students emphasize success in exams. They’re competitiveness in the ACT exam is demonstrated by their high scores:


The ultimate achievement for our students is the chance to attend the university of their choice. Working with our application counselors, students and parents consider student’s interests, GPA, and test results. The following is a brief list of some of the admissions achievements of our students.


Academic Team Achievements


Are academic team is a third point of pride. Teaching for an average of two to three years, our staff are occasionally showcased locally and invited to professional training events to train other university training institutions.


University Visits


Finally, we receive a host of university visitors each year. We host professors, admission officers, and representatives alike. From Georgia Tech to Gonzaga, and from the State University of New York system to Purdue. We were even asked by the Georgia University system to act as volunteers and hosts for their Qingdao visit.

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