Thank you for your interest in the Qingdao GAC Center. Our mission statement is simply to provide the best university preparation for Chinese high school students in Qingdao. Already having focused on knowledge in their high schools, we emphasize academic skills training and critical thinking. When leaving the center, our students have completed original research essays, reports, and have given multiple conference style presentations. We want our students to walk into their first year university courses confident and supremely capable.


It’s our hope that staff gain similar benefit from their time with us. As teachers abroad, we are often culture-blind and linguistically limited such that we live off the kindness and trust of others. During my time at the Qingdao GAC Center, I’m aware of no kinder and supportive environment to continue to develop our craft. Supported by academic-minded Directors and support staff, educators can expect to work in a positive environment where colleagues collaborate and are given a balance of curriculum guidance and independence.


If you would like to learn more about the center and work environment, please don’t hesitate to contact the foreign teaching staff.


--Daniel Grover, DoS from 2010-2014






GAC-ACT Center