Our students join the Qingdao GAC Center during their final year of high school. Unlike the IB or A-level curriculum, the GAC curriculum focuses on teaching university skills. We deliver courses designed to help students adapt to new styles of essay writing, language use, academic expectations, interpersonal communication, and professional skills. We also deliver courses in AP English, AP Physics, AP Calculus, Critical Thinking, Western Culture, and Health.



Global Assessment Certificate (GAC)


The GAC was originally designed as a bridge program for international students seeking admission to Australian universities. Now, as part of ACT Education Solutions, students whose first language is not English enroll in the GAC for admission to US, UK, and Canadian universities. Currently 48 US universities are "pathway" schools for GAC and the American Council of Education has recommended GAC students receive over 30 university credits for their GAC work. Consequently, it's not surprising to find in the recent reports by the University of Iowa Regents that GAC students are being awarded more credits for their high school work than international students enrolled at AP, IB, or A-level schools. Further, GAC students are more likely to graduate early, saving their family time and money.


The GAC curriculum is three levels. Each level focuses on building university skills.




LEVEL #2: Analysis

  • Scientific Method
  • Science Report Writing
  • Stats & Probability
  • Intro to Economics & Business
  • Business Report Writing
  • Presenting Research Results
  • EXCEL & Access
  • Writing about data and processes


LEVEL #3: Problem Solving

  • Compare and contrast technologies
  • Determine human impact on local ecology
  • International Business
  • Determining best foreign entry modes for selected countries
  • Leading Seminars
  • Calculus
  • Photoshop, Web Design


LEVEL #1: Basic Skills

  • Study Skills
  • Five Paragraph Essays
  • Paraphrasing & Summarizing
  • Research & Citation Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Math review up to Trig
  • MS Word & PPT





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Our Curriculum



GAC-ACT Center

Our Classes


Our Students take courses emphasizing a variety of class-styles and activities in order to help them best prepare for university courses. Students experience lecture, seminars, tutorials, field trips, and office hours.



Lecture & Seminars

Small group discussion

Field Trips

Tutorials in the Computer Lab

Student Work

Our students learn to write original research papers, research reports, lead seminars,  and give conference-style academic presentations. Click below to see an example of the type of assessments required by our students:

Thesis Papers

Science Research Report



Business Research Report


MOODLE & Turnitin.com



  Universities today use online learning management systens, such as  Blackboard and

  Schoology. We train our students using MOODLE. Each GAC course has its

  own Moodle page, and students access the site to turn in papers, check grades, and

  retrieve supplementary materials. With this training, our students are better prepared for

  university coursework with online components.



One of the most difficult issues for second language users, and Chinese students in particular, is avoiding plagiarism. We help our students with Turnitin.com. Access to Turnitin.com provides students the chance to learn and reflect about plagiarism. After they turn in a paper, the powerful "originality check" allows students to see if their paraphrasing and summarizing skills are enough to comply with the academic standards of university. If not, Turnitin.com highlights problem areas for both the student and

                               instructor to see.