Our classes are a blend of university, “western” high school, and an English learning classroom. Students can expect to have lectures, class discussions, group work, independent tasks, and a variety of other activities. We emphasize English immersion, but instructors will allow Chinese judiciously.


Within the class, preparation and participation are emphasized. Students who succeed speak often, ask questions, and work well with their peers. Students who choose not to participate or come to class without their homework completed, are asked to leave.




Academic Staff

Students will work with three types of teachers: Banzhuren and Instructors.


Each class will be assigned a bilingual Banzhuren. They will help students adjust to a western academic atmosphere, provide overall class leadership, and give students Chinese language support if needed.


Students will spend 28-30 hours per week in classes taught by the GAC instructors. Our GAC staff are native English speakers with relevant degrees, and at least two years of experience teaching experience. For more information about the academic staff, click here.





Our facilities focus on allowing students to develop university skills. Classrooms are designed to emulate a variety of university settings. Tables can be arranged into lecture, seminar, or tutorial configurations and each class has a standard multi-media box.


Beyond classrooms, we have access to the Qingdao University Sports fields, and for science class, we conduct research at the Rocky Shore and Fushan.


If students choose to buy lunch, our building has a cafeteria, and we're a short walk from restaurants and food stalls.

Classes, Academic Staff, and Facilities


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